I had someone reply to my post on the IRONMAGAZINE Forum.  He/she said something like this.

I am very overweight.  I get winded climbing stares or doing the simplist tasks…I feel like I could drop dead tomorrow.

I found his words very concerning and replied with the following post:

  1. Manipulate your beliefs

I can help you. I have felt the same way. Let me start by telling you that my approach or philosophy is guaranteed to work. You will soon experience a feeling of liberation like you have never felt before.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. It starts with your thinking. In the few short sentences you wrote, I read enough to expose your mind as the central culprit in keeping you in chains. You are dwelling on what you don’t want. You don’t want to be unhealthy. Therefore your mind authored your comment. You do not want to be invisible in a crowd. You don’t want to die. Yet, these toxic thoughts consume you.

This thinking is being expressed consciously and subconsciously. They have taken control of you and convinced you that you are powerless to change. Maybe you believe you are too far gone. Hope is reduced to the remants of the smoke from a candle that has burned itself out. But, hope is only hiding, it is never gone. It is never too late.

You may imagine this long, hard road, that at this stage, seems far too daunting to even expend the effort to make that first step. You are defeated due to forfiture.

Free Spirit Fitness, or rather the philosophy behind the method, is exactly what you have been looking for.

No, I didn’t reinvent the wheel. In fact, I know that if you follow virtually any weightloss program long enough, it will deliver results. The universal rule embedded in any program for weightloss is burning more calories than you consume. We could talk about Homeostasis, a calorie of protein v. a carb, or a fat calorie. And while there are notable differences, it is not this knowledge that will inspire you.

First, let me say that everyone, everywhere, are always on a diet. The word is misused so often that the real definition has been lost. A diet is merely what you choose to consume. So, you can have a healthy diet just as easily as you can have a poor diet.

I urge you NOT to make any dramatic changes to your diet. Rather, in the spirit of keeping it simple, your only goal is to be more active today than you were yesterday.

DO NOT run out and spend money on expensive home gym equipment. Do NOT run ro GNC and purchase bottle after bottle of supplements.

DO be patient. Your weight is the aggregate result of your history of decisions. Speak these words out loud, “I am responsible for my current condition.”

Say it everyday until you really feel that the responsibility is yours, and only yours.
The only advice I have regarding your diet is to increase your protein intake significantly. As you begin to embrace the philosophy, the mantra is simply eat for nutrition. I didn’t say limit what you eat, or even change what you eat, with the above exception.

The process begins in your head. Rather than allow your mind to be consumed by the negativity, change your perception. Change your perception, and expect with absolute certainty, your reality will change accordingly.

Do not permit yourself to ever dwell on how out of shape you are. If the thought sneaks back in, kick it back out. Focus your mind on what is inevitable. Picture yourself with the body you want. Visualize an image of the new you and allow nothing to distract you from seeing it as a reality.

It takes practice and time to learn how to manipulate your beliefs. Be patient with yourself. Forgive yourself quickly when your mind regresses. Know for a fact that mastering this philosophy will change you forever. It will change you in a way that you that affects so much more than just your body image. You will taste happiness on a scale that I wager you formerly dreamed impossible.

My book has already been written, but I have certain luxuries that I allow me to be patient. I now have more to write and the editor works on my schedule. It causes him discomfort. But, his complaints has no effect on a project that I consider a genuine contribution.

I allowed a sense of obligation to grow into motivation, which transormed into inspiration that I share my discovery to help those just like you.

I know that I will make more profit by bringing some of the other projects to market, but this is far and away the most noble thing I can give to a nation that struggles with obesity and a world that could use this philosophy to heal themselves. Most importantly, it remove the shackles that have imprisoned my readers, many for most of their lives.

The more specific you can be about your resources and situation, the easier it will be for me to introduce you to the philosophy that promises you permanent and positive changes in your life. Remember that a diet cannot be blown. A diet is not something that you will ever start and it is something that you will ever stop.

Finally, I will conclude with this:

I want you to allow yourself to be grateful for what you do have. I want you to identify what it is you really want and to ask for it (metaphorically.)

Believe you are not only worthy to receive what you ask for, but that you will receive it. Remeber to avoid even a glimpse at the possiblity of failure. It no longer has a place in your life.

Other than that person, I found the forum to be populated by inflated egos and rude people.  The loss of common courtesy was disturbing and I no longer subscribe to that forum and would warn anyone reading this to steer clear of that site. 

They claimed I was “negged”  I dont even know what that means, but it resulted because I responded in kind to those who chose to make a joke out of my writing.  I have neither the time nor inclination to be a target for people who believe they are superior to others. 

I have no such feelings. I believe that modesty is the foundation of true wisdom.  I also believe that one should focus on the positive and find things in their life to be grateful for, expressing it every morning when they wake.


About J. Kristén Halley

I have been blessed as an artist in nearly every sense of the word. That does not make me a higher life form, just highlights my creative predisposition. While every gift is balanced by a flaw, I keep my mind fixated on the gifts or the positive. In an imperfect world, I am on a mission to create the best version of myself possible. "A journey toward happiness is one without end when perfection stays elusive to human manipulation." -- That One Guy This is my real profile. I am an author. I have written nearly a dozen television commercials and appeared in all but the last two. As my experience grew so did my involvement in the production of a television commercial or the 30 - 60 second pitch. More importantly it was not the first time I have watched my imagination manifest in one form or another. In my youth, I focused on drawing and by high school, I was contracted to paint the basketball team's schedule with school logo that hung above the gymnasium entrance. At this age, my biggest honor was being asked to do the artwork for the cover of the yearbook of my senior year. In college, I learned I had an aptitude for writing. It was there, I also discovered my capacity for acting on stage. I joined a few sites and did some modeling as well. I play the keyboard with my eyes closed and have a number of original scores. Most recently, I have taken an interest in photography. WRITING is what I stay busy at the most. A publisher is awaiting my first self-help book titled "The Free Spirit" I became a certified personal fitness trainer to add credibility to the book and for the education requisites it allows me to share with my readers. A free spirit tends to stand against convention. I am an original. I have one recognition after another to showcase. I have other titles that I expect to be huge hits in the box office under "Jimmy Komet Fiction." "The Meek," "Weed," "Free Moral Entity,""Apples and Oranges,""Epiphany,""Duplex," and several more including one I am adapting for the stage in agreement with a local producer, "Sherlock Holmes: The Heir-Apparent." I am a happy man. I am balanced and achieved an advanced level of wellness. My confidence is genuine and based on a record of success. My past achievements is a prophecy for my continued success at higher levels. I enter this enterprise knowing it may be the lowest risk/highest yield investment I ever make. I am so sure because the principles you will find in my free spirit philosophy have so many liberating applications in your own wellness and quality of life. I will convince you that life is worth the effort and wellness is a side-effect of living with passion I start with its application toward making good health. When I began my rewrite of the original FSF manuscript, I had gained the weight back. Like the first time, I needed to lose over a hundred pounds and did it in a simple, economical way that is based on following the greater logic in any situation. Humans are not wired to live in a sustained period of dread, or a sustained period of restriction or strict discipline type diets. Even breaking it down into points is still a pain in the ass. But that's about me
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